How to Handle a Horrible Boss

How-to-Handle-a-Horrible-Boss-1A horrible boss can make your life a living hell. It’s bad enough that they can cause you all sorts of misery and grief when you’re at work, but they also seem to have a special sort of talent for knowing just what to say and do to fuck up the rest of your time, too. They’re going to need you to stay an hour late on Friday or take work home with you over the weekend. They make little comments that get under your skin and come back to the surface to haunt you when you’re trying to fall asleep. The worst part is that douchebags like this rarely get called on their behavior. They count on the fact that their employees are too afraid of losing their jobs to contradict them, and they’re usually right. If you’re going to keep your sanity, you’ve got to learn how to handle your horrible boss.

If You Know How to Score Chicks, You Know How to Handle Your Boss

It may sound bizarre, but it’s true. If you can score chicks, you can handle your horrible boss. It’s all about confidence and charisma. ( Learn How To Score Chicks Here) The same sort of self-assured attitude that drives women wild will send a loud and clear message to your boss to pick on someone else. If you score chicks because you know how to talk to them, think about how that can apply to your boss. Sure, you’re not trying to get him in bed, but it’s the same general principle. Read his cues. Figure out what it is that he wants to hear from you, and then say it. If you don’t have much luck when you try to score chicks, practice. If you get good at these skills with women, using them with your boss won’t be so intimidating.


Just Say No

Don’t tell your boss no when he’s making a reasonable request, of course. That will just get you fired. Being diplomatic doesn’t have to mean being a doormat, though. It might be reasonable for him to ask you to stay late for a few nights when there’s a major project due, but if you are a hard worker and do what you’re supposed to while you’re at work, he has no right to expect you to give up your weekends. He might huff and puff because he isn’t used to you standing up for yourself, but it’s unlikely that you’re going to lose your job because you refused to fill out TPS reports on a Saturday.

Find a Discreet Affair Outside of Work (aka, don’t give him ammunition)

How to Handle a Horrible Boss - 2When your boss is a jerk, it’s not an uncommon phenomenon for his underlings to bond over their hatred of him by having office flings. This is the last thing you want to do. If you’re going to mess around, find a discreet affair elsewhere. Don’t give your boss any ammunition to hold against you. Go here to learn more about discreet affairs. The last thing you want is for this type of person to have any information about your personal life. He will use it in ways you won’t like. A discreet affair means that not only are you not banging a co-worker, no one at the office knows about it, either. Guys like your horrible boss will always find a way to use this stuff against the people who work for them that are engaged in a discreet affair.

Start Looking Elsewhere

You can find ways to handle your horrible boss, but you’re never going to change him. Unless you want to spend the rest of your career watching your every move and hating every minute of your time at the office, you’re going to have to find a new job. Do whatever you have to do in the meantime to make work more bearable, but the minute you have an opportunity to move on to something better, take it. Life is too short, and you spend too much time at work, to put up with a boss who acts like a jerk on a regular basis. Believe it or not, there are good bosses out there. Even if your new boss isn’t your new BFF, chances are high that he won’t be as bad as what you’re leaving behind.

Understanding Sex Appeal

Understanding Sex Appeal 1There are four main components of sex appeal, and if you’re hoping to have any luck with finding hookups for casual sex, you need to have a working understanding of them. If your self-esteem has been suffering because you weren’t born looking like a movie star, take heart. Three of the four aspects of sex appeal have nothing to do with genetic handsomeness! If you’ve ever wondered why some guys seem to have a lot of luck with women, even though they don’t have much going on in the looks department, this is why. They’ve taken control of the other three aspects. Here’s the lowdown on sex appeal.

Genetic Handsomeness

While this might be the thing people think of the most often when they think about sex appeal, believe it or not, it isn’t the most important thing to have going for you. Anyway, with this, either you have it or you don’t. Unless you are willing to consider the option of undergoing plastic surgery, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. That being the case, there isn’t much point dwelling on it. Your energy would be better spent playing up the other three areas of sex appeal.


Find Sex by Taking Control of Your Presentation

You know what is more attractive to a woman than genetic good looks? A guy who has a great smile, open body language, and an air of self-confidence. When you take control of how you present yourself, it becomes much easier to find sex. When you face the world in a way that communicates that you are happy, relaxed, and self-assured your sex appeal goes way up. (Learn how to find sex at Being comfortable, open, happy and confident is just about the best way to increase your chances to find sex easily. It may not come naturally to you at first, but the more you practice, the more you will find that you don’t have to fake it anymore. You’ll genuinely begin to feel that way. Once you start to find sex, your ease and confidence will increase, making you even more sexually appealing.

Work on Your Grooming for Sex Dating

Understanding Sex Appeal 2In order to be successful at sex dating, you need to work on your grooming and style. Women tend to find men sexier who put some efforts into their appearance. (Read the guide to Sex Dating) While you might not be able to control genetics, this you can change. In the world of sex dating this is even more important than it is with regular dating, not that it’s ever an ok thing to slack off about. When your sole purpose in hooking up is for sexual gratification, you’ve got to do everything in your power to make yourself good. Dress sharply, keep your hair and nails neatly groomed, and it should go without saying, you have to smell fantastic. Think about it; would you be interested in sex dating with a woman who never put in any more effort than throwing on a pair of baggy sweatpants and putting her hair in a ratty ponytail when she met up with you? Doubtful. The same woman would be ten times more attractive if she put on a sexy dress or skinny jeans and a stylish top, did her hair, and spent a few minutes in front of the mirror with her makeup brushes. It’s just human nature to be drawn to those who put a bit of time into their appearance. Being a dude doesn’t make you exempt from this. Read a great article on sex and dating on

Sex Appeal is Circumstantial

The final frontier on the components of sex appeal is circumstances. There have been several studies that show that women find different characteristics to be sexy in men depending upon the environment in which they live, their income, and other factors. While you can’t really control the woman’s circumstances and whether or not they make you sexy, you can choose to seek sex with women whose circumstances make you a great fit. All this really requires on your part is reading women’s profiles and taking note on the kind of guys they find attractive. Obviously, the women who describe men who sound at least somewhat like you are going to be your best bet. Your sex appeal is within your control. Go make the most of it!

SMS Rules You Must Follow With Your Fling


SMS Rules You Must Follow With Your Fling

SMS-Rules-You-Must-Follow-With-Your-Fling--1If you are enjoying the benefits of a no strings attached sexual relationship and want to keep a good thing going, there are some important rules to follow when texting with your bed buddy. For whatever reason, when we let our fingers do the talking a lot of guys tend to say things they never would in a face to face conversation with a girl. Here are some major SMS pitfalls you will want to avoid in order to keep your fling free and easy.

Remember That a Fling is Not a Relationship

The cardinal rule of texting your fling is to talk with her the same way you would in person or during a phone call. Go here to see all the rules. If you don’t want an emotional relationship outside of text messaging, don’t start one on the screen. Nothing will ruin a great fling faster than giving the girl you are messing around with the impression that you want to take it to the next level. Either she will end up falling for you or she will run in the other direction because she isn’t looking for a serious relationship and she’s afraid that your feelings are headed in that direction. Remember, she signed up for a casual sex partner, not a boyfriend. Talk to your fling like you would a friend, or in a sexy, raunchy way. You want to communicate that you enjoy her company and think she’s cool, but not that she’s the love of your life.

Quit Bugging Her

Don’t bother your booty call with a constant barrage of text messages. While of course you will want to stay in touch on a somewhat regular basis, you will want to avoid constant communication for the same reasons that you need to avoid lovey-dovey talk. If she wanted a boyfriend she’d be looking for a boyfriend, not a fuck buddy. Let her live her life without feeling like she has to constantly check in with you. Chances are high that you wouldn’t like it if she text-bombed your phone, and she probably won’t go for it, either. Otherwise she might decide that you are annoying and needy and turn her attention towards a guy who is solid enough to not need her for constant emotional support.

Friends with Benefits Can Benefit from Texting Foreplay

SMS-Rules-You-Must-Follow-With-Your-Fling--2One of the best parts about being friends with benefits is the excitement of a relationship whose core component is sex. But what makes the perfect FWB? Read this. You probably won’t be expected to tend to any of her other needs, so she will appreciate it if you keep her anticipating the next sexual encounter. Friends with benefits and sexting can be a great combination. Talk dirty, send her explicitly detailed scenarios of the things friends with benefits do together. If she’s into it, send her some x-rated photos and you might luck out and get some in return. Get her hot and bothered a day or so before your next hook up and she will probably have her clothes off in no time.

Unless She’s Getting Needy, Forget About the Games

Keep things simple for yourself. While you might want to wait a certain amount of time before replying to a girl’s texts if you are trying to spark her interest in being your girlfriend or if you’re trying to get her into bed, there’s really no need to go there with a girl who is clear on the fact that your relationship is just about sex. Assuming that she’s in it for the same reasons you are, you don’t need to waste your time trying to figure out the right amount of time to keep her in suspense or wondering what you’re up to. In fact, this is one type of relationship that probably won’t benefit from trying to create a bit of jealousy or longing. She already knows you want to screw her, just like she wants to screw you. So answer her texts when you feel like answering them, whether it has been two hours since she sent them or two seconds. Really, the only time you need to slow down your replies is if she’s becoming too clingy or emotionally needy.

Why Moving in Together Might Not be a Good Idea


Why Moving in Together Might Not be a Good Idea

Why-Moving-in-Together-Might-Not-be-a-Good-Idea-1If you’ve been with the same partner for a while, chances are high that sooner or later the question of moving in together will come up. Before you start loading up the U-Haul, you might want to think about the potential drawbacks of shacking up with your sweetie. It can be easy to get swept up in the moment and romanticize what you think it will be like, but in reality there are some serious reasons to think twice.

If You are Currently Just Friends With Benefits, That Will Change

While you might think that it could be an ideal situation to move from friends with benefits to roommates with benefits, this could very well turn out to be the thing that kills the good thing you’ve got going. Learn what makes the perfect FWB by clicking here. First of all, once you experience the intimacy of living together, it is highly likely that your relationship with evolve from friends with benefits into something more exclusive whether you want it to or not. Forget bringing home other sex buddy or friend with benefits, as things can get awkward quickly. Plus, you’re going to have trouble picking people up because most people will have a hard time buying that you’re just friends with benefits when you live together. Jealousy is likely to arise where none existed before, as familiarity can lead to feelings of possessiveness. Even if it doesn’t, the electric thrill of excitement that is part of the territory of being friends with benefits is likely to fade away fast when you see each other on such a regular basis.


It Gets harder to Find an Affair

It doesn’t matter whether you are in an open relationship, simply consider each other a friend with benefits, or you are prone to straying on the sly, once you move in together it is much harder to find an affair. Your time and privacy to even search online for someone to hook up with might become much harder to come by. Even if you know the best places to look! You will also have a much harder time concealing the evidence that you have been trying to find an affair. If you do manage to find someone for sex on the side, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to mess around. Bringing a hot fling home is no longer the option it used to be. If you aren’t committed to either being monogamous or only having sex with another person when your partner is present and involved, moving in together will bring with it a host of complications that will change your game forever. It is much simpler and cleaner to find an affair when you live alone.

Sexual issues are not the only downside

Even if you are thinking to yourself that none of the potential sexual issues discussed here apply to your situation, there are a lot of other reasons you might want to consider holding off on moving in together. Once you live together, the person that you currently can’t get enough of may end up driving you crazy. You might feel claustrophobic, never having enough time or space to yourself. You might also feel like your former life is vanishing before your eyes if you feel as though you have to do everything together as a couple. If your partner is always around, having your buddies over for a night of drinking can take on an entirely different feel; if it’s even possible at all. Different standards of cleanliness or money management can lead to wicked fights, when before it wasn’t an issue.

When in Doubt, Hold Out

Why-Moving-in-Together-Might-Not-be-a-Good-Idea-2If you have any nagging doubts that you’re ready to live with your partner or current friend with benefits, it is kinder to both of you to put it on hold. If you can lest 10 reasons why its a bad idea and the only positive is the money you will save now is not the time to take the plunge. You can always move forward if and when the time feels right, but going back to just dating after you’ve lived together and didn’t work out is damn near impossible. If it’s meant to be, it will eventually happen. If not, wouldn’t you rather deal with it now than after you’ve signed a lease together and combined all of your dishes and furniture? Moving in together before you are ready is a recipe for disaster and heartache. Spare yourself and your partner the misery and hold out until you know for sure that this is what you want.

How To Keep Things Exciting While On A Date

How-To-Keep-Things-Exciting-While-On-A-Date-1I love going to the movies. You get to be transported into a different world for a couple of hours. It could be science fiction, action, romance, or all of the above. You finally get to see that movie you have been waiting for since the time you saw a trailer for it. Taking a chick to a movie used to be my signature move. Going to the movies is a classic date. The problem is that every guy in a girl’s life takes them to a movie at least once. It requires almost no forethought or effort. Girls hate getting bored, so the best thing you can do is keep things exciting on a date. But just how the hell do you accomplish that? Well, I’ve got some tips on how to do just that.

Tip #1 Try social sex for excitement on date night

First of all, there are two kinds of dates. One kind is a “get to know you” date. It could be with a girl you meet on social sex, or another dating site and are exploring where your relationship will go. This category might even include a second or third date. Its the kind of date where you have not had sex with the girl yet, but that is the eventual goal. The other kind of date is more like a date night in an ongoing relationship, where the two of you have been together for months or even years. Let’s talk about the date night first. In a relationship, you have long past the point of consummation, so the excitement associated with the anticipation of sex with a new partner is no longer present. If the excitement has left your date nights, try having a quickie at a restaurant. I like to call this social sex, in that you are having a quickie out and about in social situations, like going to the mall, or eating at a restaurant. (learn more Here) Let me suggest dark places with plenty of booths for all of your social sex. I would advocate avoiding this kind of activity at The Olive Garden and Chili’s, though I do like eating at both places.

Tip #2 Be creative and set yourself apart

As far as the first date scenario is concerned, this is where you need to be more creative. Try to think outside of the box. Instead of the old dinner and a movie, do something that will set you apart from all of the other guys. Take her for a picnic in the park. Bring along a frisbee to toss around. After you eat, you can sit and talk to her, or take her for a walk. That is much more appealing to a chick than the usual that she has seen a hundred guys do before. Did you know that most zoos are open past five o’clock? It is true. You can take a girl to the zoo up to eight o’clock in some cities during the summer, and show her the animals you always liked as a kid. Talk about endearing. This is a great way to make a connection with a woman; showing her your softer side.

Tip #3 Wine tasting can lead to sex dating

How-To-Keep-Things-Exciting-While-On-A-Date-2Another terrific way to set yourself apart on a date is to take her to a wine tasting. Look on the internet, and you can usually find a winery within driving distance. Drinking wine is looked on by most people as classy, and almost all women love wine. It can be an immensely bonding experience to learn that you both like the same things. Add to that the effect of alcohol on women and you will be sex dating in no time! Let’s face it, that is what we are dating a girl for anyway, right? We want sex! Just be careful to avoid the scams. Yes we want to find the woman of our dreams, but we also want our fair of legit, scam free share of sex dating. When you demonstrate to a woman that you are a classy guy, who can bond with her while she is also getting drunk, you are in like Flynn. Remember to follow my 3 useful tips and to keep it classy and you will be having more dates ending in sex ( sex dating) than you ever thought possible.

Proper Sex Buddy Etiquette

Proper-Sex-Buddy-Etiquette--1You know what one of the best things in the whole world is? Having a sex buddy. Knowing a girl who you are not in a romantic relationship with, but is willing to have sex with you no stings attached. So, say that you are lucky enough to have a sex buddy. How do you keep it going as long as possible? Well you have to follow the rules of being in a sex buddy relationship. You might be asking yourself how hard could it be find & maintain a sex buddy? We’ll I am here to tell you its a lot harder than you think! Here are some simple basic rules to follow with your sex buddy.

Rule #1 Restrain from any PDA

First and foremost, you should be discreet. When you happen to see your sex buddy in a casual environment, do not engage in any public displays of affection. That means no pinching of her ass, or kissing on the lips. Do not even hold her hand. You are in a solely sexual relationship, and as such you should treat her just as a friend or even an acquaintance. The reasons are two fold. You do not want to take a chance on making her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. If she does, you might not have that sex buddy for long. The second reason is for your protection. If you engage in any public display of affection with her, you take the risk of her thinking the relationship is moving from a sex buddy to a girl friend, boy friend, type. Then you would lose your sex buddy, and gain a girlfriend; talk about adding insult to injury.

Rule #2 Be cordial with your sex buddy

Second, when you do meet for sex, try not to jump her bones as soon as she walks in the door. Yes, the nature of your connection has been established as a purely sexual one, but very few women want to be treated purely sexually. Sex buddy etiquette requires you to be cordial with her. Open a good bottle, if you are on a budget read up and pick a good bottle of wine under $10. Ask her how she is doing. Ease into it, and she will not feel like such a piece of meat. When you are done, try to avoid asking her to leave. She will leave when she is ready. When you rush her out, you make her feel used, which can lead to the loss of your sex buddy. The same goes when you are at her place. Just because the act is done, make a real attempt to not to flee the scene immediately.

Rule #3 Don’t treat your sex buddy like you found her on Sex Finder

Proper-Sex-Buddy-Etiquette-2Third, try not to treat her as only a booty call, or some random hooch you found on sex finder. If the only time you call her is when you strike out at the bar, soon she will feel like she is less than desirable. No one wants to be second best, but when call her at the end of the night, she feels like you asked every girl in the bar to go home with you, without success, then you called her as a last resort. Even though she is a sex buddy, she is still a woman. If you treat her like she is an attractive woman with whom you have some kind of connection, you have a much better chance of your sex buddy relationship continuing. If it is at all possible. try to schedule your session with your sex buddy ahead of time. Give her plenty of advance notice, so she does not feel second best. I know what you are saying; if you schedule sex ahead of time it takes all of the excitement out of it. Well use the time to your advantage. Think about all the things you want to do with her. You might even send her a quick text with a few details. Anything you can do so she does not feel like an afterthought is beneficial. Having a sex buddy is terrific. Instead of needing a sex finder app every time you feel horny, then having to establish a whole new connection with some one on the spot (learn more about using sex finders), you have your sex buddy to take up the slack. As long as you treat her with respect, you won’t need a sex finder web site every again! Just be sure to follow the tips I mentioned above and you should have no problem finding and maintaining your very own sex buddy!

Conflict: Tips to resolve fights quickly

Living in an adult world can be very hard sometimes. As if money matters and legal responsibilities aren’t enough, there’s that conflict and friction you have between someone you know at work, or maybe even at home. How did things become so hard to settle? Just when you thought you grew up a well-rounded person, this fight with your colleague, your friend, or your loved one just explodes out of nowhere. All these emotions you’ve kept bottled up for so long—how do you even begin to explain it in a way that can be understood?

If you’ve felt this before—chances are you’re going to feel it again. But the good news is that you are not alone on this. We have gathered up a few tips to help you resolve fights quicker. It might just work on you.

Calm Down

After all’s been said and done, breathe. What you have already said can no longer be taken back, but you need to catch your breath in order for you to think more clearly, more rationally. Understand that it takes two to tango, and you’re probably not the only one who has a thing or two to say.

Listen Up

These two words have been tossed around way too often, but not a lot of people can even fathom what it really means. To listen means to understand, and to take into consideration that you might have also offended that person, or have gone as far as to cause that other person so much pain—without you even knowing it.

I feel…”

Experts have sworn by the effectiveness of beginning your sentences with these words. By saying this, you are actually implying that this is your sentiment, and that there is no one to blame. This further avoids the unnecessary and very hurtful manner of pointing of fingers, which can raise even more conflicts rather than resolving it.

Fighting comes naturally, peacefully resolving conflict does not

Fighting comes naturally, peacefully resolving conflict does not

Meet Each Other Halfway

You can’t expect improvement without a plan. Like anything else that matters, you need to make sure that you come up with a solution that you both agree on. Yes, sitting down as mature adults still works. Come to think of it, nothing will ever work without you trying to meet each other halfway. Always remember that.

Smile and the Whole World Smiles with You

After all that hard work just to arrive at a conclusion, allow yourself to smile. Actually, you can go as far as to touching the other person’s hand or giving them a pat on the back to prove your sincerity. The percentage of you getting better results becomes bigger that way.

 You deal with arguments. Here, a lesson in the art of conflict

You deal with arguments. Here, a lesson in the art of conflict

Stick to these tips the next time you find yourself face to face with anger. You can ignore it, but it will never go away. So look it in the eye. Be man (or woman) enough to overcome it. You’ll thank yourself one day.

What life lessons you can learn from Angelina Jolie

The moment we hear the name ‘Angelina Jolie’, we think about movies, Hollywood and stardom. However, Angelina Jolie is not only about glamour and fame. There is a lot that this actress has achieved even away from the screen. The biggest lesson an individual can learn from Angelina Jolie is to make use of stardom for a humanitarian cause or social cause.

Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She has delivered some fabulous performances. A look at the Forbes list of 2009 and 2011 will make you realize that she was also the highest paid actress in Hollywood, an achievement that not many have able to match up with. For majority of actors, their identity mainly revolves around the movies that they have done or the kind of characters they have played. However, this is not the case with Angelina Jolie, at least in United States of America. Here, she is more known for the kind of noble work that she has done and continues to do so even today.

This is one of the qualities that every individual should have, especially the ones who have the name and fame that can attract attention. Other celebs from Hollywood and even other film industries can use their stardom for a good and social cause. It is a well known fact that many people follow their favorite celeb and the kind of activities he/she takes up. Hence, by embracing a good cause, the celebrity is actually helping it by attracting thousands of followers from all parts of the world.

 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie had stated that she witnessed some of the most horrifying scenes when she was shooting for Lara Croft in Cambodia. That was the time when she decided that she has to do some work for the refugees. Angelina Jolie got in touch with United Nations and got information about different regions of the world where refugees are a common site. She started visiting countries and regions with immense problems and issues. One of the reasons why Angelina Jolie is regarded very highly for her humanitarian work is because during her visits, she never made anybody feel that she is a huge Hollywood star. During each visit, she lived a life of a refugee and this speaks volume about this actress.

Angelina Jolie huge Hollywood star

Angelina Jolie huge Hollywood star

This just proves that a celebrity has a lot of power. If actors decide to use their stardom in the right manner, a lot can be achieved. This not only applies to celebrities, but other successful professionals as well. Sport personalities, successful entrepreneurs as well as other noted individuals can use their success in order to cover a social cause. 

3 Must Know Features of MS Tablets

The Microsoft Surface (MS) Tablets are Microsoft’s offer to the tablet market that’s currently dominated by Apple’s Ipad. iPad is considered as the benchmark for tablets even if there are a number of Android tablets that are cheaper and offer almost the same features. While do they do appear bigger than Apple’s iPad, MS tablets have features that are clever and worth considering.

Here are must 3 know features of MS Tablets:

1. It is a 10.6-inch tablet that is launched with Microsoft’s Windows 8 for ARM devices. Windows 8 is the first Windows edition that will work on ARM devices. With the ARM edition of Windows 8, the tablet is designed to act like a smartphone. With this in mind, tablets can have a mode of “always on, always connected”! Windows 8 is an upgraded version of Windows 7. It has a customizable mosaic tile which is familiar to Windows phone users. There is a set of tiles that represent an application; and there are notifications that work for each application. These can be rearranged just like any other tablet platform. It’s fast and fluid. It’s the applications that make Windows 8 great. You can just touch the application and tap on each tile to open each services. You can just switch from one application to another by dragging and swiping! “Charms” is also a new feature found in Windows 8. It allows users to configure settings for individual applications.

Microsoft’s Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8

2. MS tablet is engineered to look striking and gorgeous. The tablet is thinner than the newest iPad. It has a wider and bigger screen as compared to the iPad and it has a larger display on the surface. It is heavier though (like about 24 grams extra). One of the striking features of MS tablet models is the magnetic cover that can snap into place and double as a key board. The touch cover is 3mm in thin and it comes in a variety of vivid colors. For those who still want to experience the feel of keyboards, MS tablets also come with a full-sized keyboard. The MS tablet is indeed a clever design that also comes with a kickstand that extends the length of the device. The kickstand is charmingly added to the design so that the tablet would not open by accident or snap to close. This mechanism adds appeal to the device and it makes the tablet easy to use in case you want it to stand up right or a table or desk.

Microsoft released Surface today, their direct competitor to the iPad

Microsoft released Surface today, their direct competitor to the iPad

3. You can expect good battery life with the MS tablets. Since it is an ARM-architecture tablet, you can manage a full 9-hour day of use with this gadget. You can do an almost full day of watching movies, TV shows, gaming or web browsing with at least some left-over battery life.

3 Mental Exercises You Should Do Each Day

We all fear losing our mental ability as we grow older. By integrating three simple mental exercises into your daily habits you can dramatically increase your odds for maintaining a strong healthy mind.

Throw Out Your Lists

All throughout our early years we find ourselves being forced to memorize huge amounts of information. As we age we are not required to maintain this amount of memorization anymore. We eventually find our memory suffers over time from getting out of the habit of practicing memorization skills.

Even if your memory has suffered from practicing memorization skills, it is never too late to start exercising your mind and increasing your ability to remember all the things you need to know.

We often write things down so we don’t forget them. This is helpful for absentmindedness but it decreases your ability to work on memorization skills. By having tasks and lists written down, you will fail to work on remembering these items. Many people are very dependent on having lists and it is not suggested that you ditch your lists entirely, but rather you don’t want to depend on them.

Start off with writing your lists down and then work on trying to memorize what you have written on your list. This will seem time consuming and difficult at first but the more you practice remembering your lists the better you will get. Eventually you will find that you don’t need your lists at all anymore.

Read through the article to find out about exercises that help you kill stress

Read through the article to find out about exercises that help you kill stress

Gaming is Just for Gamers

Games and puzzles are a great way to increase your analytical skills. By forcing yourself to solve problems you will be training your brain to think in a logical manner and will increase your ability to solve complex problems.

Practicing games and puzzles for a short period of time each day is a great strategy to begin training your brain to quickly and easily solve problems. Whether it is by doing a crossword puzzle in the newspaper or playing solitaire on your computer, practicing puzzles every will help you reach your problem solving goals.

You can speed up the results of increasing your analytical skills by adding a time factor to the puzzle you are working on. Being forced to solve a puzzle or problem within a certain time limit has been shown to increase the effectiveness of using puzzles to increase your analytical skills.

Learning and Reading

Reading and learning new information each day helps your brain to grow accustomed to processing and organizing information. Your brain becomes trained on how to organize information when it receives the same information day after day. By introducing new content to your brain you are forcing your brain to discover new methods of categorization to process unknown data.

Music is a GREAT motivational tool to have with you at the gym

Music is a GREAT motivational tool to have with you at the gym

Whether it is a new book, online news story, or a tutorial to learn a new skill, you should take the time to read and process new information every day.

Integrating these three mental exercises into your daily habit will greatly increase your chances of maintaining a strong healthy mind long into your golden years.

Apple: What’s Next for the Technology Giant?

When Apple launched the first iPhone, the stocks opened at a meager $132.30 whereas five years later when the technological giant came up with iPhone 5, the stock prices were at a staggering high of $600. This made Apple the most coveted technological giant of the world. With only a few major competitors in the global market, Apple is undoubtedly the market leader in technological products and apart from the shares plummeting here and there; there is an undisputed dominant position of the company in the market as being the most profitable public company.

The present status:

The iPhone 4 and 4s took the sales of the company to a new height, with the sale of only the iPhone more than that of every product that Microsoft has to offer. Much has been said and written about this technology giant in the last few years. While the world saw the innovation of Steve Jobs making way to middle class group, the subsequent management by Tim Cook has been applauded as well. But the recent sales figures has started showing a considerable decline in the share of the Apple products where many of the existing customers are getting lured by other strong competitors.

This was first felt when the shares of the iPhone 5 opened at $705.07, the highest for the company so far, but fell below $600 causing loss of around $106 to its investors. The question that is now revolving around everyone’s mind is: What’s next for this technological giant? There are speculations that either the company has already achieved what it could and is slowly turning out to be a glamor stock of yesterday or it is preparing to take a giant leap forward that will lead the company to a skyrocketing high.

Apple iPhone 4 Gets iPhone 4S Features with iOS 5 Update

Apple iPhone 4 Gets iPhone 4S Features with iOS 5 Update

Problems faced by Apple:

The most valuable company of the world, Apple has a lot on stake. Since the sad demise of its founder Steve Jobs, the company has been finding it difficult to hold its position strongly in the market. The problem was that the Apple brand became too synonymous with Steve and the sudden turn of events led many customers to believe that Apple would not be able to hold on to its reputation anymore. It is, therefore, a matter of time when the company would identify its own potential and create its own brand-different from the Steve Jobs era that will again help it to hold strongly to its dominant position.

What’s next?

The Tim Cook led company has started preparing things for the future. This is quite evident from the various products in line that they are offering in the year 2013. Though the correct updates of all the products are not available, it is expected that the company will be launching iPhone 5s or most probably, but less speculated, an iPhone 6. They may redesign their already launched products like the iPad, though that might not pull too much crowd for that matter of fact or an Apple TV, but it is really early to comment about the company now. We will really have to wait and watch whether the company can still hold on to itself in the post-Steve Jobs era or not.

 Apple TV owners: Hulu Plus was quietly added to the device's

Apple TV owners: Hulu Plus was quietly added to the device’s