3 Mental Exercises You Should Do Each Day

We all fear losing our mental ability as we grow older. By integrating three simple mental exercises into your daily habits you can dramatically increase your odds for maintaining a strong healthy mind.

Throw Out Your Lists

All throughout our early years we find ourselves being forced to memorize huge amounts of information. As we age we are not required to maintain this amount of memorization anymore. We eventually find our memory suffers over time from getting out of the habit of practicing memorization skills.

Even if your memory has suffered from practicing memorization skills, it is never too late to start exercising your mind and increasing your ability to remember all the things you need to know.

We often write things down so we don’t forget them. This is helpful for absentmindedness but it decreases your ability to work on memorization skills. By having tasks and lists written down, you will fail to work on remembering these items. Many people are very dependent on having lists and it is not suggested that you ditch your lists entirely, but rather you don’t want to depend on them.

Start off with writing your lists down and then work on trying to memorize what you have written on your list. This will seem time consuming and difficult at first but the more you practice remembering your lists the better you will get. Eventually you will find that you don’t need your lists at all anymore.

Read through the article to find out about exercises that help you kill stress

Read through the article to find out about exercises that help you kill stress

Gaming is Just for Gamers

Games and puzzles are a great way to increase your analytical skills. By forcing yourself to solve problems you will be training your brain to think in a logical manner and will increase your ability to solve complex problems.

Practicing games and puzzles for a short period of time each day is a great strategy to begin training your brain to quickly and easily solve problems. Whether it is by doing a crossword puzzle in the newspaper or playing solitaire on your computer, practicing puzzles every will help you reach your problem solving goals.

You can speed up the results of increasing your analytical skills by adding a time factor to the puzzle you are working on. Being forced to solve a puzzle or problem within a certain time limit has been shown to increase the effectiveness of using puzzles to increase your analytical skills.

Learning and Reading

Reading and learning new information each day helps your brain to grow accustomed to processing and organizing information. Your brain becomes trained on how to organize information when it receives the same information day after day. By introducing new content to your brain you are forcing your brain to discover new methods of categorization to process unknown data.

Music is a GREAT motivational tool to have with you at the gym

Music is a GREAT motivational tool to have with you at the gym

Whether it is a new book, online news story, or a tutorial to learn a new skill, you should take the time to read and process new information every day.

Integrating these three mental exercises into your daily habit will greatly increase your chances of maintaining a strong healthy mind long into your golden years.