Apple: What’s Next for the Technology Giant?

When Apple launched the first iPhone, the stocks opened at a meager $132.30 whereas five years later when the technological giant came up with iPhone 5, the stock prices were at a staggering high of $600. This made Apple the most coveted technological giant of the world. With only a few major competitors in the global market, Apple is undoubtedly the market leader in technological products and apart from the shares plummeting here and there; there is an undisputed dominant position of the company in the market as being the most profitable public company.

The present status:

The iPhone 4 and 4s took the sales of the company to a new height, with the sale of only the iPhone more than that of every product that Microsoft has to offer. Much has been said and written about this technology giant in the last few years. While the world saw the innovation of Steve Jobs making way to middle class group, the subsequent management by Tim Cook has been applauded as well. But the recent sales figures has started showing a considerable decline in the share of the Apple products where many of the existing customers are getting lured by other strong competitors.

This was first felt when the shares of the iPhone 5 opened at $705.07, the highest for the company so far, but fell below $600 causing loss of around $106 to its investors. The question that is now revolving around everyone’s mind is: What’s next for this technological giant? There are speculations that either the company has already achieved what it could and is slowly turning out to be a glamor stock of yesterday or it is preparing to take a giant leap forward that will lead the company to a skyrocketing high.

Apple iPhone 4 Gets iPhone 4S Features with iOS 5 Update

Apple iPhone 4 Gets iPhone 4S Features with iOS 5 Update

Problems faced by Apple:

The most valuable company of the world, Apple has a lot on stake. Since the sad demise of its founder Steve Jobs, the company has been finding it difficult to hold its position strongly in the market. The problem was that the Apple brand became too synonymous with Steve and the sudden turn of events led many customers to believe that Apple would not be able to hold on to its reputation anymore. It is, therefore, a matter of time when the company would identify its own potential and create its own brand-different from the Steve Jobs era that will again help it to hold strongly to its dominant position.

What’s next?

The Tim Cook led company has started preparing things for the future. This is quite evident from the various products in line that they are offering in the year 2013. Though the correct updates of all the products are not available, it is expected that the company will be launching iPhone 5s or most probably, but less speculated, an iPhone 6. They may redesign their already launched products like the iPad, though that might not pull too much crowd for that matter of fact or an Apple TV, but it is really early to comment about the company now. We will really have to wait and watch whether the company can still hold on to itself in the post-Steve Jobs era or not.

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